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Hello Ocean.

September 12, 2010


Hello? This is like a dream. Is this this the North Pacific Ocean? This is not what I expected.

It’s warm here, dry, sunny, the winds are fair. I thought I was off the Oregon coast, heading for California. Am I in the trade winds? Going to Tahiti? I have my shirt off. It’s 70 degrees in the cabin. The water is 63 degrees- I expected 55 or less. I thought it would be cold and wet, but everything is dry. I have the stars and Tuatara’s lights to steer by at night. There are so many beautiful points in the darkness. We’re sailing through the Milky Way.
Kevin and Ben caught a tuna yesterday. They were going to share it with us but they ate it all before catching up to us. We found a fair north wind. It’s built to 10-15 knots and we’re making 4-5 knots due south- running with the following seas.
The Bruja is sailing herself. The miles are rolling away like surplus currency in exchange for this surreal experience. Can I afford this? We’re having the time of our lives. At times it’s like we’re flying, floating, both. This is too easy. The forecasts call for more of the same.
This is like another world, but this is the Earth- the Ocean. It’s nice to meet you.

Our position as of 9:06am PST is 42.46 North and 126.09 West.
I tried to send this message yesterday but I’ve been having a hard time connecting to HF stations. Wish I could send everyday. Not picking up any email yet either…

Over last night the seas built into a lumpy mess. We’re now in about 20 knots north wind with a wee piece of jib up. Still flying- have some non-stop turbulence though. Still dreamy, but sleep is hard to come by in the lumps. We have the brakes on, making 3.5-4 knots, waiting for Tuatara. I last spoke with them at 7:30pm yesterday. They caught another fish, a huge one, but couldn’t get it on board. I think we sailed south too far from them for VHF. Hoping to fly the kite when they catch up and get some photos of the two boats sailing.
Another sunny day. Last night the sky was completely clear all night. Dolphins came and swam with the boat for a while- electric blue beings playing in the bow wake under a moonless, bright galaxy.

46 miles to the California border. We’ll likely time our arrival under the Golden Gate to Wednesday morning, September 15th. Will send more messages as possible.



September 10, 2010


Ahoy! Our position is 45.55.50 North and 125.58.45 West as of 11am PST.
Tuatara is about 8 miles south of us and we are in communication over VHF every four hours or so.
We arrived yesterday afternoon into a steady W to WNW ocean wind that is minute by minute settling us more comfortably into this passage.
Dad and I are feeling nearly caught up on sleep now. Our flight from Victoria through Neah Bay had us traveling nearly non-stop..

More later, the Winlink station I’m hoping to use just opened up… All is well!


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